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日本プロジェクトソリューションズ社の伊藤社長と新PMP試験対策について会談した内容が動画になりました。日本プロジェクトソリューションズ社は 昨年度の企業ランキング「FT High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific」ベスト200社にランクインした急成長企業です。今回あるきっかけで会談が実現しました。動画のURLはこちらです。

This is a video of my meeting with Mr. Ito, President of Japan Project Solutions Inc, about the new PMP exam preparation. Japan Project Solutions Inc. is a fast-growing company that was ranked as one of the best 200 companies in the FT High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific last year. President Ito has a strong interest in the potential of Internet video in the field of business education, which led to this meeting. Please click on the following URL.

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